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Liferay 6.1 Documentation


Liferay 6.1 Basic Web Management (PDF 340KB) 
   Updated June 6, 2014 - updates related to switch to UNLedu4.0 template
   Covers basic website updating features. Inlcudes guidelines and hints for effectively managing your website.

Manage Site Content: Web Content (PDF 179KB)
   Instructions for adding, editing, or deleting Web Content articles via the "Manage Site Content" feature.

Manage Site Content: Documents and Media (PDF 336KB)
   Expanded to cover uploading multiple files and to cover editing (updating), moving, or deleting files.

Determine the number of file downloads (PDF 130KB)
   Find out how many times a document has been downloaded since it was originally uploaded to the Liferay server.

Creating links within the Web page (PDF 64KB)
   Instructions for adding links within a long page of content

Place a YouTube video for mobile display (PDF 45KB)
  Updated June 3, 2014
  Instructions to display a "mobile-friendly" version of a YouTube video on a Web page

Using UNLedu4.0 WDN Content Style Elements (PDF 362KB)
  New July 29, 2014
      The UNLedu Web Framework 4.0 template offers a variety of text-styling options for presenting sections of content in a different way. EdMedia has created several "shortcut" features within the Liferay editor to give you easy access to using several of the options without having to work directly with the CSS coding. Shortcuts for UNL styles include
    • Box (zenbox)
    • Table (zentable)
    • Link as a button
    • Rotating "Promo" images with text & links at top of page
         (see for style)
    • Content Bands (introduction to style, not step-by-step instructions)

Recorded Webinar

View the Adobe Connect webinar on Liferay 6.1 (length = 1:24:37 - opens in new window or tab)
   Recorded on Friday, December 13 on the "testing/training" server using a different login process.

Working with Image, PDF, or Multimedia files

Resizing Image files for Web & PPT use
Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (PDF 282KB)
IrfanView (freeware program) (PDF 226KB)
Microsoft Office 2010 Picture Manager (PDF 265KB)

PDF files
Create PDF files with Microsoft Office 2007 (PDF 74KB)
Create PDF files with WordPerfect (PDF 47KB)
Optimizing PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Professional (PDF 174KB)

Multimedia files
Before you upload a video to YouTube (or other media file server) to be linked to, please read EdMedia's Producing Professional Videos guide. It includes information on University Requirements, UNL Extension stingers information, and technical specifications guidelines.